Main characters

The handsome graduate who arrives at 225 Katakata Street to find work in lagos. He is beset by misfortune after misfortune which could be traced to the evil activities of the villainous Mama Akunna, the visiting mother of the neighbor Akunna, who refused to return to the village and remained as a torn in the flesh of compound inhabitants. Ndifreke falls in love with Maya and eventually becomes a model like Maya but decided to live on in the compound.
The beautiful girlfriend of Ndifreke. She was molested by her father as a ten year old; falls in love with the recently arrived Ndifreke and their relationship face many trials including a miscarriage and constant interference by her mother, Mama Tobi, who more than once attempted to marry her off to ‘wealthier’ men. She becomes a fashion model and has to contend with living on in 225 Katakata Street because of her boyfriend who was not in a hurry to move out.
Mama Akunna
The mischievous mother of Akunna who killed her adulterous daughter in law and her four children. Sh is a witch and a constant torn in the flesh of neighbors who met her match in the foreign warlock Agbonyibo, who’s appearance I the compound significantly affected
The mischievous son of the caretaker who knows everybody’s secret in the compound. Randy and rambunctious, is always at the right place at the right time.
First son of Mr Zubi. An Irikefe protegewho ones attempted suicide and lies older women.
Mysterious Togolese with a beautiful wife and daughter. All three serve dangerous sex and become the biggest worry in the compound after the National problems.
Mr Zubi
One of two occupants of the adjoining ‘self contain’ in the compound. He is a respectable civil servant and failed actor who leads the “council of elders” and moderates most discussions on prevailing national issues. He is father of Castro and husband to Mama Willy-willy.
Mr Cosmas
The controversial occupant of the second self contain in the compound. He has deep spiritual leanings and convictions and always on hand to offer explanations about life and existence. A crucial member of the council of elders, who is also the calm head who always finds a way to keep everyone in line.
Sister Esther
Born again spinster who is in love with the undertaker. She leads prayer sessions the compound cannot do without and is usually the first voice heard on the street every morning with her loud hailer urging inhabitants of Katakata Street to ‘repent.’
Mr Kingsley
The maverick popularly called The Undertaker for his stern features and creepy ways. He speaks only in quotes and parables and is the nocturnal lover of born again Sister Esther
Rotund okrika seller who is always on the opposing side of arguments. Constantly denied love by the beautiful women of the compound and once involved with Maya’s mother but eventually chosen as groom to the beautiful daughter of Agbonyibo, the Togolese warlock who changed Achike’s life.
A nurse and the compound sex bomb whose emergence causes considerable commotion among the men folk. She gets involved with more than one man and plays a crucial role in the relationship of Maya and Ndifreke in the beginning.
Light skinned, freckled nose, weakling whose mother turned the table on his wife and lover. He is psychologically scarred by the death of his wife and children and is committed to a psychiatric hospital. On his return he becomes a new person and his mother’s nemesis
Outspoken carpenter and important member of the council of elders. Always interested in national issues and shows interest in Agbonyibo’s controversial daughter.
One eyed barber and love interest of nurse Josephine.
Mama Cowbell
Big busty woman who occupies one of the shops in front and sells mama-put.
Beautiful daughter of Agbonyibo who drives Castro to attempt suicide and endangers Achike and every man that came I contact with her. Makes a remarkable you turn at some point that changes the course of the story.
The quietly dangerous equally beautiful wife of Agbonyibo whom he uses like he uses his daughter. Landlord Alhaji Sirika gets to find out.
Alhaji Sirika
Owner of Number 225 Katakata Street. Shows up in the compound from time to time to do what landlords do and himself brought Agbonyibo to the compound, something inhabitants would not forgive him for.