About Us

About Us

Number 225 Katakata Street is a real time story about life in a public compound commonly known as face-me-I-face-you in a Lagos suburb. The story portrays the lives of a group of closely knit neighbors who have no secrets, share everything in common, laugh and cry together and are a gauge to measure the pulse of the common Nigerian on issues of National interest.

The story explores themes of love, the supernatural, psychology, and spiritual enlightenment through the eyes of a complex mix of characters. It is ridiculously funny, atimes scary and informative and designed to just keep going.


The Author is a Nigerian, a fiction lover with interest in a range of topics as enumerated above.

This story gives him the opportunity to put it everything together in one place, and express himself through different voices while satisfying the need of readers for quality fiction available for free, as well as news and analysis from the unpopular perspective while also ensuring that those with deep questions about spirituality get the answers that they seek.