Guys I’m back o!

It’s been three really busy months, and you won’t believe it that it wasn’t until today that I made the decision that I will continue with 225 Katakata street rather than start another story (Oga Namo no vexioo!) Tori still dey na. I never lied when I said 225 Katakata Street was an unending story. You remember that the sexiest mother-in-law in town is now living with Achike and Chisco. Maya has moved on but Ndi has just shined a fresh vindictive congo…will she let him walk? Who told you Irikefe was built for Warri? And who said Castro will sit around in boring Enugu? Nurse Jo nko? Now living with a good doctor…for how long na…and Sister Esther was taking folic acid packed Well Woman for conception while The Undertaker gave her shelter…what would have happened there? And the world is not even getting better. The evils are on a new level and even though Mama Akunna is gone, the devil never rests and Cosmas who is determined to come back to the compound still has plenty to say about these. Our dear Elders are also itching to have a go on the happenings in the polity. See the travails of the VP? See the effect of Big Brother on the land? See Jubrin, I mean Bubu misyarning in New York and everywhere he decides to open his mouth? Tori dey mehn!

Just that no update today.

Only just getting back in the writing groove. I had a three-month project I have more or less completed but I did not remember that you do not just open the keyboard and start writing.   A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” – Thomas Mann.

If you waited three months, you will wait a couple more days for my head to get back to the right place and normal service will resume.  

I don’t want to hear “Centino come and update, come and update o!” after all, you people saw the donate button on my site and you skillfully avoided it, after all the “oh you are too good.” “Ah! I feel like blessing you” but when the chance came you decided to open a fund for Tacha. So I know very well what my priorities are. Man must wack! *wink*.

But I will write because I love to. Only, I take God name beg una, I don’t want pressure. If I was hungry before I opened my site I would have died of starvation by now and it would have been counted as another failure as naysayers predicted before I left nairaland. So, abeg, allow me do it at my pace. It will not be Sunday-Sunday. It will be any day of the week as the spirit leads. I’ll strongly advise that you subscribe so that you can get a notification when I post. One thing you can be sure of is that the best free story on the internet will return. You will end the year with me blowing your minds like Davido every week and will enter 2020 in the same mood God willing. Make una continue dey pray for me as na only to pray una sabi pray *grin*

I missed y’all and hey, Centino is back. Tell your friends.

QUIT NOTICE (End of Season 1)

October 1, 2019