Evae eased up on an elbow and looked at her sleeping man. He had been sleeping for an hour. He deserved it, after a performance like that. But she was feeling the stirrings again. She still wanted him. What was happening to you Evae? She thought to herself. But she smiled. She was with the right man. With the right person, you never have enough. So she began to touch him again. She first stroked his round tummy and whispered “my beautiful one pack”. Then she found his limpness and began to knead it back to life.

The hand touching him in his sleep right after destiny changing sex with Evae triggered something in his head and Achike jumped awake and nearly flew into the ceiling. ‘Don’t do it, sir. Please, Mr. Agbonyibo! Don’t do it!” He was shaking as he pleaded.

“No Brother Achike. Na only me dey here. Na me Evae.”

Then he became still and fully awake. Indeed it was only Evae. His entire body was covered in perspiration. Evae found an old magazine under the center table and began to fan him. his breathing was rapid and shallow at first but as he relaxed, it became deeper and measured.

“It’s you,” He said.

“Na me my love.”

Achike stretched out his arms and Evae fell into them. They stayed that way and rocked each other for a while. Then Achike said “Your father hurt me. The memory will not go away.”

“I see am so my love. I sorry.”

“I thought it was him all over again.”

‘I know.”

“That’s how it happened. I just finished making love to you and he came.”

“I know. Abeg no talk am again.”

Achike held her tighter.

“I want make you revenge for my body.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do me the same thing.”

“Tufiakwa. I will not do that.”

Over the years as Evae did her father’s dirty biddings, she had had men penetrate her through all her orifices. She did not like anal, but she had come to know that some men preferred it. She would give it to Achike if it would make him feel better.

“Some men say na him sweet pass.  Dem say e tight. E no dey do fakafaka.”

“I don’t want,” he said and pressed her even tighter to himself. As he had that scare, part of his anxiety was that Evae was not real. Waking up to see that she was really there, looking at him the way only his mother had ever looked at him filled him with comfort.

“Touch me there if you want to touch me,” he said to her.

Evae stroked his belly again and was glad to see that it amused him.

“It does not get in the way,” He said.

“I know,” Evae said shyly and then held his member. She did not need to do much before she felt the rush of blood into it as it became stiff again. She stroked him gently and then increased the pressure to match his accelerating heart rate.

“You are very beautiful” Achike mourned.

“Thank you my darling” she breathed. He wanted her again. She saw it in his eyes and it pleased her.

Evae straddled him and guided him into her. She did not move at once, she allowed their bodies to throb and pulsate in hunger. When he could no longer bear it Achike palmed her pliable buttocks and controlled it up and down himself at varying speeds as he mourned with pleasure. They changed position twice, and it pleased Achike that she allowed him to finish inside her. They then lay side by side and caught their breaths.   

“I can’t have enough of you Evae.”

“Give me belle.”

“I think I have done so already,” he said and they both laughed.

“I can’t help wondering where your father is and what he is up to.”

“I know say him no dey do better thing where him dey, but as far as I dey here, him no go do us bad thing.”

“I hope so,” Achike said.


Agbonyibo knew his daughter had followed her flesh and returned to Achike. He was going to break their hearts. He knew also that compound members were stupid enough to think he would return wielding a machete or in the form of a vampire to exact his revenge. So after his blood warning, he allowed time to lull them to sleep while he perfected his strategy.

He passed in front of the compound every day for weeks and no one noticed him. And so when he noticed the new restless young man in the compound, he knew he had found the route back to number 225.

You see, if people were inherently good, it would be impossible to do evil. But because people were evil, they already had in them the basic ingredients to help the cause of people like him. He could see from a mile that the boy could not wait to drive a benz, and so on one of the occasions he passed in front of the compound disguised as a scavenger of scrap metals, he was able to take the sand from the ground the boy walked on as he went down the street to buy cigarettes. He went back to his shrine with the sand with which he was able to divine everything about the boy and his family. So the following day, disguised as an old prophet in a white sutana he waited at the mallam’s place where he knew Iniquity would go for his cigarette. When the boy approached he said: “My pikin. Good morning.”

The boy looked at him with scorn and then continued with what he was doing. He put a cigarette on his lips and heard “You kill somebody. You kill de man cut him prick but another person thief de prick from your hand and dat person don make money now and you still dey poor.”

The cigarette fell from Iniquity’s lips. He looked around to be sure that no one heard the prophet.

“Na you be de real papa of de pikin wey your sister born. Ya mama know. Na una secret. Una know say ya papa go kill you if him know.”

“Please baba. Say no more.” Iniquity said, trembling.  

“Okay, follow me.”

“What do you want from me baba.”

“Nothing. I want make you to make money. God tell me make I tell you say him don see ya heart. He say make I tell you say him go bless you.”

“But baba, how God go bless me with all dis bad thing wey I don do?”

“God don forgive you. No be wetin dem dey tell una for church? You no believe say no matter wetin you do say God go forgive you?”

“I believe baba.”

“Him don forgive you. Him send me to make you be rich man.”

And so Agbonyibo hailed a taxi and took Iniquity to his shrine at Idimu.

“You go know road come back here?”

“Yes baba.”

“Na four bus you go enter.”

“Okay baba.”

“Stop as soon as you pass de bridge.”

“Okay baba.”

In the shrine, Agbonyibo told him more things no one knew about him before he told him about the diamonds.

“So baba, you say e dey possible to take de diamonds from the snake?”

“Yes na. Wein you think say all dis yahoo boys dey do now? Oyinbo don get sense. So na dis kind tin dem dey do.”

“By twenty minutes pass one sharp, just waka go dia. The snake dey sleep by dat time.”

“Every day the same time?”

“Snake no be like una. Dem get time for everything.”


“But you no go go alone.”


“If one pesin go, the snake go wake up. But if na two or three pesin e no go wake up.”

“Ah, that is not logical baba.”

“I dey lie?”

“No baba.”

“So find people wey go follow you. Better boys dey dat una compound.”

“How do you know baba?”

“You want make I tell you more?”

“No baba. I know you know.”


“But no be only una go dey dia. Oda people go dey. Oda boys including babalawo dem. Dem dey use the diamond do work.”

“How we go fit compete with those kind people?”

“Make una come here. I go do prayer for una. Una go enter dia take d diamond and nobody or snake go see una.”

“Okay baba. I go bring the people wey go follow me go.”

“I go dey wait for una.”


Castro was crying. Irikefe was trying to think. What had they gotten themselves into? Agbonyibo was talking to Iniquity outside. He had tied them to the beam of the hut and they sat facing each other.

“Is he going to fuck us in the anus?” Castro said wiping his nose on his shoulder.

“Is that the only thing you are thinking about?”

“What can be worse Irikefe?”

“How about using us for money rituals? No one knows we are here.”

“So Agbonyibo sent Iniquity to come and get us? Oh Lord.”

“I’m trying to figure it out. Iniquity is genuinely surprised that we know ourselves.”

“Ah Irikefe. I told you. I told you we should tell Ndifreke. I told him we should start with stealing pant. Why doesn’t anyone listen to me? Now see where we are!”

“Oh shut up! I’m trying to think!”

“You are trying to think!” Then he looked to the roof and said “Lord Jesus. If you save me from this, I will serve you till I die. I will never do or think bad again in my life. I will live in your vineyard and become a vegetarian. I will not even kill a fly again for the rest of my life. Please, father, save me from Agonyibo. My anus cannot take it.”



Outside, Iniquity was begging Agbonyibo.

“Baba, please, just do the prayer for us and let us go.”

“Which prayer?”

“The prayer for the diamonds.”


“But how do you know them?”

“Go back to ya house. After some days, you go know who I be and how I take know dem.”

“So there are no diamonds?”

“Ya papa keep diamond for Bar Beach?”

“But the snakes!”

“If snake dey carry diamond you think say any snake for remain for this world?”

“So this was all a set up?”

“You don dey blow grammar? You want make I show you who I be?”

“No baba. But the boys.”

“When you reach tell dem papa where you carry dem go.”

“I can’t do that. They will kill me if anything happens to them.”

“Okay so go back go mind ya business.”

“Please baba. This is too much for me.”

“If you no leave here by the time I count five, wetin I go do you go pass wetin I wan do them.”

Agbonyibo closed his eyes and counted: “One! Two! Three!” He heard the heavy footfalls and opened his eyes and smiled.

He then turned and went back into the bush before returning to the hut.

The boys looked up and saw him holding a machete and a file. He started sharpening the machete.

“Jesus! You said in the time of trouble I should call upon you!” Castro cried. “Jesus! Come and save me!”

Agbonyibo went first to Castro.


Mama Akunna’s eyes flipped open when she heard the owl hoot. When the cat meowed almost immediately, she knew. She shook Dozie and there was no response. Ordinarily, it was not advisable to move a body from the position it went to sleep so that its soul could return without hindrance. But she knew it was no use. She picked him up and he was limp. Akunna was still asleep. How was she going to explain it? She hurriedly changed into a wrapper and a blouse and tied the baby to her back and left the house without taking any of her personal belongings.


The council of elders met in the evening.

“Did you see the #Atikuiscoming hash tag that was trending the other day?”

“INEC presiding officers and ad-hoc staff came out to admit that they transmitted presidential election results to the INEC server. They have strengthened Atiku’s positing that the INEC servers showed that he beat Buhari with two million votes after INEC came out to say there were no results in any server.”

“This is serious o. Atiku is coming indeed.”

“But his nationality issue is also gathering steam. He now says his father is from Sokoto and his mother is from Jigawa.”

“So how did he end up in Adamawa?”

“He was born there.”

“You see. So Obasanjo was right when he said among other things in his book ‘My Watch’ that Atiku’s parentage was shrouded in mystery. He could actually be from Cameroon since he was not truly from Adamawa.”

“Nnamdi Kanu in his latest broadcast said that neither the dead Buhari or the present Jubrin Al Sudani is from Nigeria. He said Buhari’s father was a duck seller from Niger who became a guard in the palace of the Emir of Daura where he met and married Buhari’s mother. So Buhari was from Niger and Jubrin is obviously from Sudan.”

“Which kind nonsense be dis sef? Both men have been in this country long enough to be granted citizenship even if they are foreigners. We are playing to the gallery. The question should be what can they deliver? We are hungry. We are all running abroad for succor. I saw a joke one day when someone asked that if a ship arrived now to take people to slavery if people will go. Someone said he would go with his own chain that he does not want to get there and hear that chain has finished. That is our situation in this country. So if they like, let them come from Mali. If they can give us a better life, we will accept them!”

“But they are too old.”

“They are same age as Trump.”

“But guys, we should be talking about what is going on in Sri Lanka. What a tragedy on Easter Sunday. Alfa, why do Muslims kill? What is it you teach them that makes them kill people. Are we safe with you?”  

“Islam is a religion of Peace. The Quran condemns taking a life unjustly. That a few people have been radicalized does not mean that the majority of us peace loving Muslims are terrorists,” Alfa said.

“Something is wrong with your religion sir. Just as there is a lot wrong with Christianity and all the religions. The problem is that your holy books open the door for all kinds of interpretations. We can sit here and debate the Bible from now till tomorrow. But let’s talk about the Quaran in the light of what has happened in Sri Lanka and nine eleven before it and Boko Haram here in Nigeria,” Mr. Cosmas said.

“Be mindful what you say young man. The perpetrators of these atrocities are a minority. The Quran condemns senseless killings. Chapter 6:151 says “…take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: Thus had he commanded you, that ye may learn wisdom.” It also says in 5:32…if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Such is the value of a single human life, that the Quran equates the taking of even one human life unjustly, with killing all of humanity.” The Alfa said.

“That is fair and good Alfa. But the problem is that we have verses like Chapter 9 from 30 to 39. 30 says “And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah, and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah. These are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away.” The preceding verse commands Muslims to “Fight those who do not believe in Allah” and “who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture until they pay jizya and submit.” It preached the supremacy of Islam -” Allah had sent Mohammed to make Islam supreme over all other religions. (Quran 9:33). Jews and Christians obstruct the Way of Allah (Quran 9:34) Muslims are encouraged to make Jihad against non-Muslims (Quran 9:38). Those who refuse to carry out Jihad will be punished by Allah (Quran 9:39)!

“Now I have also read the Sahir International version of the Quran that sugar coats most of these verses. But in the hinterland of Afghanistan and in the bushes of Sambisa they don’t read the Sahir International. Christianity and Islam are the banes of humanity. Seek ye the truth ye men!” Mr Cosmas finished.

No one spoke after that. The elders could only stare at the people that went in and out of the compound. Everyone noticed Maya stepping out of the compound and on seeing Ndifreke, she turned back and entered the corridor. They also watched as Achike, bedecked in shin-length jeans and Tshirt came out holding Evae’s waist. Evae wore an abominably short gown which Achike loved – he liked the whole street to see what belonged to him alone. She giggled in excitement and placed her head on his shoulder even though she had to bend uncomfortably to do so since she was taller, and they walked that way down Katakata street. That prompted Mr. Kingsley to say: “It is funny how when things seem the darkest, moments of beauty present themselves in the most unexpected places – Karen Marie Moning.” Everyone nodded in acquiescence. Achike and Evae strangely looked good together.

However, it was 7 pm. And no one had yet noticed that Irikefe and Castro had been gone the whole day.



April 24, 2019


April 24, 2019